So we have started a website! For now, thank you for visiting the website and please have a look through our pages. We also have instagram @fireflyfilmsni, Facebook (www.http://facebook.com/fireflyfilmsni/) and youtube. You can message us through our website or through any of the above social media mediums and we will get back to you ASAP.

We are near Belfast, Northern Ireland, shooting films for corporate clients, but also mainly weddings. Our style is not to simply hand you 1hour long DVD of a camera at the front of the service, speeches etc. Alternatively, we love to run around getting as many clips as possible, of guests, decor and of course the bridal party.

Videography to us isn't just about turning up and filming a wedding. We want to capture moments, so they can be watched over and over again. The number one regret newly weds have is "I wish we got a video". As mentioned before, rather than just filming a few static cameras we aim to capture as many moments as possible. More and more couples are looking this "cinematic" style with a good soundtrack. They can watch it back at the coffee shop with friends, family get togethers or simply by themselves as a reminder of what a great day it is. By staying active throughout the day, we often get told by brides "Wow I never seen any of this" because let's face it, as any married couple will tell you, you blink and the day is over.

So thank you again for visiting. Please watch some of our material and get in touch if we can be of any service to you. We hope to update this BLOG regularly with relevant material surrounding wedding videos and topics that would be helpful, for couples looking at getting married.



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